Hammett Crossing Mailbox Requirements

Our Bylaws and Covenants require that all Hammett Crossing mail boxes are in good repair and are of the same design, color, and construction. The mail boxes at 2 Cotter Lane, 124 Cotter Lane and 10 Woolridge Way are good current examples of the required standard. We currently have three vendors that are willing to repair or replace Hammett Crossing mail boxes. All three have installed or repaired more than one mail box in our subdivision. Please note that the HOA does not promise any level of service or quality with regard to these vendors. You must do your due diligence before hiring anyone on this list.

Image Sign and Design


Edlin Construction Services864-230-1634

If you choose to use another vendor or do the repairs yourself the mail box must meet the HOA standards:

The Black metal mail box must be Lowes item #37715 model #C1100B00 or of very similar construction.
The wooden parts of the mail box must be painted with these colors (Lowes);

Base color – Grey (all wooden parts except numbers and trim out line)
Grey-Morning song Sherwin Williams   HGSW1445  Semi Gloss

Trim color – Classic Royal Blue Valspar  4009-8

Please send comments and questions to president@hammettcrossing.org.